School program


The course lasts 40 hours, and will allow you a job right away. School lessons are distribuited in five days, from Monday to Friday for 8 hours a day with the intensive program; other locations have 40 hours program divided in two weeks. Every aspiring pizza chef will receive t-shirt, hat, apron, bag, and the book of the School. No previous skill is requested to join the course. We start from the very beginning.



All our courses, to become a pizza maker, are limited in numbers: in fact, we prefer to form small group of students so that the instructor can follow them adequately,both theoretically and practically. In this way the student will be doing more training and will leave the course with a greater theoretical-practices knowledge. Every pizza course will be activated with a minimum of three students.



The courses are held inside pizzerias, show room of specialized service industry, hospitality schools, food laboratories ready to prepare doughs and coock pizza.
In 40 hours course there are 5 hours of theory and 35 of practice.



The Theory is necessary to know all about ingredients used to prepare the dough: flour, water, yeast, oil, salt, etc. etc. With this kind of knowledge we can prepare the best dough we like. The Scool will also provide you with all the informations regarding ovens, topping ingredients and cooking times.



Practice will be teached in well equipped laboratories, supplied with all the tools and ingredients needed for the preparation of all the pizzas you like.
Students will have the opportunity to confront and engage immediately in the art of pizza, Followed in every step by their instructors: Preparation of the dough, wrapping the balls of dough manipulation, various toppings and then cooking in in the proper ovens.During the course every student will eat his own pizza learning than to prepare it in the best way.



At the end of the course every student will have to support a test of practice In which demonstrate what he learned during the pizza course. Successfully completed the test, he will be given a Certificates of the Academy Pizzaioli, with which he will be able to work immediately in a pizzeria. Valid certificates are given to work abroad too. Accademia Pizzaioli provides a letter to certifie the acquired knowledge and evidence obtained during the Pizza Course.