Consulting Team

A-TEAM: the specialized group of technicians for Start-up , training and help for Pizzerias, Italian restaurants and Bakery

You want to start an Italian Restaurant?
A Pizzeria? Or you need an help?


Call the A-TEAM GROUP for an emergency help!

We are a group of very high specialized Chefs, Pizza chefs, Bakeries.

We are ready to work all over the world to start your Italian restaurant, pizzeria, or bakery.

We are specialized in:

  • Start -up of single restaurant or chains
  • Projecting of centralized pizza dough productions
  • Rebuilding of old restaurants
  • Preparing of new menù
  • Teaching and training of personell both in the Italian Restauration and Pizzeria
  • Research of Italian equipments and food

Most of the A-TEAM members are from Accademia Pizzaioli and from Accademia of the restauration. They are very skilled specialists with years of experience all over the world.